5 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Attend The Mindful Living Show (Manchester – 2nd/3rd Feb).

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5 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Attend The Mindful Living Show (Manchester – 2nd/3rd Feb).

We were really excited when we first discovered The Mindful Living Show London back in June 2017… and our expectations were completely blown away!

Rarely does an event combine so many experts and such a wide range of mindfulness activities. We simply couldn’t resist adding this Manchester event into our diaries.

So, what is The Mindful Living Show?

The Mindful Living Show is a brand new event! It offers you a unique opportunity to learn more about the art of mindfulness and meditation and the numerous ways in which mindfulness can positively improve your life. The event will focus on mindfulness, meditation and relaxation and provide you with key tools to integrate a little bit of mindfulness into your everyday life!

5 Compelling reasons why you should add The Mindful Living Show into your diary:

1) To be inspired by 60 well-known and distinguished expert speakers who are some of the best mindfulness teachers and promoters in the world… Jamie Bristow? Vidyamala Burch? Neil Seligman? Richard Burnett? James Baraz? Katie Sheen? … all at one event… and they are ready to share their profound knowledge with you!

2) Discover how you can bring mindfulness into your everyday life with experts as they examine a wide range of topics such as mindfulness in education, nutrition, creativity, nature and everyday working life.

3) NEW for 2018 is The Quiet Space – perfect for guided meditation and that extra bit of calm during your Mindful Living Show experience.

4) Explore the science behind mindfulness and the positive impacts it can have on your mental and physical well-being.

5) Bit of an innovation geek? Head over to the Demo Zone to see the latest mindfulness innovations in action!

It sounds so good doesn’t it? This event really does have it all!

So, when and where is the event?

Friday 2nd (10am-6pm)– Saturday 3rd (10am-5pm) February 2018.

The Mindful Living Show, Manchester Central, Windmill St, Manchester, M2 3GX

Want to find out more about The Mindful Living Show?

Simply click here…

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