7 Tips for Making Meditation Work for You

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How Can You Make Meditation Work For You? These days, meditation is becoming more and more mainstream. It’s no longer just a spiritual practice for monks in caves of the Himalayan mountains. Everyone from corporate execs to athletes are using the power of meditation to help them find inner peace, focus, and relaxation. But how are you supposed to fit … Read More

5 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Attend The Mindful Living Show (Manchester – 2nd/3rd Feb).

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5 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Attend The Mindful Living Show (Manchester – 2nd/3rd Feb). We were really excited when we first discovered The Mindful Living Show London back in June 2017… and our expectations were completely blown away! Rarely does an event combine so many experts and such a wide range of mindfulness activities. We simply couldn’t resist adding … Read More

How Mindfulness Can Help You Stay Motivated to Exercise

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Mindful Exercise… A lot has been said about what it means to be present in everything, including in every task you undertake and every fun activity you do. Surprisingly, the simple act of being in the moment can mean a big thing in all tasks… including exercise! Being in the moment means focusing entirely on the present and emptying your … Read More

You Do You – The Practice Of Self-Care

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The practice of self-care. We get really focused on what it is that our neighbor is or isn’t doing. What our friends, or worse yet – our enemies, have going on or don’t have going on. How we get so focused on everything and everyone around us and we spend little time attending to our own backyard. It’s easier to acknowledge … Read More