Stress-free Vacation Tips For the Overworked

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How to Manage Your Vacation Time & Rejuvenate During Your Time Off

Let’s face it. Life is stressful, and the world is only getting busier.

As we move about our harried lives trying to make ends meet to acquire the things we want and need, we lose sight of what matters most. Sure, being productive is beneficial as a means to get tasks done, but overall, it creates cumulative tension.

Taking a vacation is vital to your mind, body, and soul and is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. No matter how life gets, we all need a break, so incorporate vacation time into your life with these time-savvy tips?

 Take a Time Out

 If you can’t remember the last time you’ve taken a day off, then you may be overdue for a vacation. Feeling unbalanced is another indicator that things might be out of whack. According to the American Psychological Association, the most common causes of stress are related to work and money. Though our overall health has quite improved since The Great Recession, Americans are still worried about work and finance-management, spurring them to log longer hours with less vacation time.

Not taking adequate time off can lead to tension, weight gain and a potential heart attack. If you are experiencing burnout, your ability to think clearly diminishes. However, when you go on hiatus for a bit, this allows your body to reset, recharge and refocus. Only then will you be able to see just how much stress is affecting you.

Take a Mental Vacation

 According to Fortune, a new law in France has barred all employers from sending work emails to employees while at home. Why? To increase productivity and to ensure that work does not interfere with private life, thus preventing burnout.

 Bringing work home with you does damage to your mental state and keeps you from noticing all the good that is going on around you. Try to become more present the minute you leave your office, which will help you create deeper connections, and transition into a relaxing state-of-mind.

Before you plan your next vacation, you can prepare by taking frequent mental breaks to help you make better use of your time off: unplug from your devices, opt to walk or bike to work if you can, take the scenic route home, meditate, and form deeper connections with friends and family. Our brains need a recharge every now and then, so taking a digital break will prove as tremendously therapeutic in preparation for an extended leave.

Add Security for Peace of Mind

 Whether you’re going on a vacation for a couple of days or weeks, preparing your home prior to your time away will also relieve you of worries. Coming home to a clean, well-organized home helps with transitioning smoothly back to work. By tackling such chores as the dishes, laundry, pest control and lawn maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy your time off worry-free. If you have any pets, make sure that you secure a babysitter for feedings and maintenance. Also ask a neighbor to water your indoor and outdoor plants, as well as the garden area so they remain healthy while you are away.

Taking a vacation is an investment in your well being. Incorporate the necessary steps to plan and prevent overexertion by a renewing time off every now and then.

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