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WHAT IS ANXIETY? ‘A feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome’ Anxiety can lay dormant for many years, until a trigger sets it free inside of us. We may even have displayed and felt some of the smaller symptoms of anxiety but never linked them to anxiety. There are so many different forms of anxiety: … Read More

Creatively Mindful – Explore Your Creative Flow…

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Unlock your mindfulness through exploring your creative mind… Mindfulness – all about sitting there feeling blissfully chilled, without a thought in your mind right? But, erm, how to I actually do that when I’m mad busy and can’t get my brain to be quiet unless I’m actually asleep?! I’ve been on a bit of journey to find balance and quieten … Read More

Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Everyday Life With FREE Download: MINDFUL-YOU-PLANNER

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Practicing  Mindfulness Could Be Your Solution To Higher Levels Of Happiness… From a young age you are taught that happiness ‘will come if’ you have a good job, a nice house, a fast car and a loving partner. You are taught to dream big. Yet, nobody teaches you how mindfulness and meditation can help set you on a journey towards … Read More

The Beauty Of Setting Yourself Free – Forgiveness

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Forgiveness…  Forgiveness can be a delicate topic to talk about. It is not always easy to forgive, but the liberation that comes with it can open many doors to a much happier life. I have been through my fair share of hurts, sad break-ups and disappointments too. But what I’ve learnt from these experiences, is holding onto to them won’t … Read More

How Can Mindfulness Help You Rediscover The Simple Joys Of Life?

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The Things We Lost – Rediscover Your Childlike Wonder… Recall that feeling when, after believing that you had lost something forever, you come across it some days, weeks, or months later… Maybe it was the earring that turned up under the couch cushion? An old Photo? We have all had those moments of surprise when, having written something off as … Read More