The Pursuit of Mindfulness is focused on raising awareness about Mindfulness, encouraging one person at a time to adopt a mindful lifestyle. Through our personal experiences, we’ve realised how learning to ‘focus on the present moment’ can profoundly change lives for the better.

Many blogs, forums and reports focus on mindfulness as a cure for a number of well-being issues. Therein lies the greatest opportunity for The Pursuit of Mindfulness. Whilst we strongly support the use of mindfulness practices in the medical profession, we believe that the Mindful Lifestyle is truly available to anyone that seeks it.

Our sole aim is raise awareness about the alternative lifestyle many are already living.

Learn to draw the most out of every moment of your life. Find gratitude towards the things we take for granted. Experience pure happiness and satisfaction with your life. Watch your relationships flourish. Feel the relieving sense of inner peace that can arise from overcoming your thoughts and develop the emotional intelligence to manage the bad cards that life sometimes deals you.

Take back control of your life.

Drop all distractions and leave your excuses behind.

We’ll guide you step by step towards the lifestyle that you deserve.

Start YOUR Pursuit Of Mindfulness Right Now.