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Would You Like To Be More Mindful, Timeful, and Kindful?

If you have landed on this page, it is likely you have some understanding of what Mindfulness might mean…

You might well have tried Mindfulness Apps and instantly experienced the wonderful benefits of mindfulness meditation…

I was the same, I felt improvements in all key aspects of my life. But, somehow, I felt like I needed more spare time, a more structured routine, more guidance, and more information to truly integrate mindfulness into my everyday life.

Do you ever feel like day after day passes you by in a seamless manner? Wake up, autopilot commute to work, work hard, eat lunch whilst working, commute home, eat dinner, watch TV (whilst talking/texting etc), you might have children and then finally sleep… EAT, WORK, SLEEP, and REPEAT comes to mind.

 Take a moment to ask yourself if these struggles sound familiar?…

  • Feeling like your life is so busy, that it stops you from doing all of the things you enjoy.
  • Difficulty in finding the time to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life.
  • You struggle to balance finding time for friends and family.
  • You need high rates of productivity, increased creativity and more mindful in work…
  • Although you might meditate, you feel that you aren’t always ‘mindful’ throughout the day.

Now whilst these problems are common, it occurred to me that not many ‘online courses’ focus on time-management and how it can vastly improve key aspects of your life.

In all honesty, I didn’t really think much more of it… until I came across a course dedicated to improving your relationship with time…

Tom Evans – Mindfulness Based Time Management

The principal of this course is simple, for every 10 minutes or so you invest using the course or meditating, with the skills you have learnt, you’ll feel as though you will get more than that 10 minutes back as you develop a crucial life skill: Time Management.

Yeah, I was thinking the exact same as you probably are right now… ‘if only it was that easy’…

So, I contacted Tom to find out more, and after some research, I was convinced that the course was definitely worth a try and Tom kindly obliged…

The aim of the course is to help you find more time in your everyday life… simple.

How Can You Find More Time In Your Everyday Life?

Look at it this way… seconds, minutes, hours, weeks and months do not exist in nature.

This time system we have created helps us to run our modern society. But this focus on time can become overwhelming for us. It is hard to switch off.

Therefore, what we need to do, is reconstruct our time systems to work in our favour.

Our minds can only focus on one thought at a time. Each new thought that pops into our head, takes over the last. The outcome is obvious, if you are trying to focus on one task, and your mind wanders, you will become less effective.

It is no wonder then that with 47% of our waking hours spent day dreaming, that is a lot of time lost.

The solution isn’t so simple, Tom teaches you that the key to improving the amount of time you have in everyday life, is about improving your relationship with your thoughts.

You guessed it… we can use Mindfulness Meditation to develop a different relationship with our thoughts.

Course Structure? Read On…

Every week there are Mindfulness Meditations and ‘Timeful’ tasks. These activities usually involve a small number of questions which are great for keeping you engaged with the course content.

An Insight Into The Course Structure Using Week 1: Where Does Time Go?

  • Introduction video and what you will require for the course: New to mindfulness? Tom’s relaxing approach will help you to ease into the course.
  • Timeful Task 1 – What would you do with more time? This task is simply great.
  • Daily Meditation – Noticing time. After the meditation you are asked to guess how long you were meditating for? I thought 5 minutes…
  • Timeful Task 2 – Where does your time go?
  • Daily Meditation – Just relax. An easy breathing meditation that can be used everyday day.
  • Daily Timeful Task – Daily review. This simple task really does help you to finish the day with a positive feeling.

As a nice reminder, at the end of each week, there is a key learnings summary – great for those like us who don’t have sponges located within our brains!

What about the rest of the course?

We won’t spoil the course, that wouldn’t be fair would it… simply click on the link at the end of the review to find out exactly what the 8 weeks involves.

Quick Insight: There are a number of amazing tasks throughout the course, including random acts of kindness, productivity and creativity mapping, how are brains are wired and how we process words (this task is great fun), active doodling for creativity and many many more!

Is there any Bonus Content?

No course is complete without some additional content! And… This course provides some of the best bonus content I have experience this far… How does a 21 Day Mindfulness Retreat Sound? 21 Different Meditations! Yes, 21 days of exciting new meditations!

How Much ‘Time’ Does The Course Take Each Day?

I would recommend setting aside around 20-30 minutes a day; with some tasks you could split this up throughout the day.

7 Core Benefits of the Mindfulness-Based-Time-Management Course:

  1.  Increased my awareness of how I spend my time and I was able to create more time in my extremely busy everyday schedule for the things in life I love doing.
  2.  Increased my productivity and creativity in both my work and my personal hobbies.
  3.  Mindful in work – I learnt how a mindful approach can induce mindful responses from colleagues.
  4.  Great fun focusing on being Kindful through random acts of kindness
  5.  Wide range of unique Mindfulness Meditations
  6.  The website is super user-friendly
  7.  The course is suitable for mindfulness beginner’s right up to you mindful guru’s out there.

I felt relaxed throughout the whole course. Tom’s approach is unique, it didn’t feel like a formal training course. I trusted the content of the course would get me to where I wanted to be… and it did. The course helped me to further integrate mindfulness into my everyday life. It felt like I was able to prioritise and create more time in the day. The positive impacts this course has had on my life is immeasurable; which is why I felt so motivated to write this review!

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Pursuit of Mindfulness Top Tips:

1) We recommend that you use a journal to record all of your findings each day!

2) You can access all of the online course content and meditations via your mobile phone.

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