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Practicing  Mindfulness Could Be Your Solution To Higher Levels Of Happiness

From a young age you are taught that happiness ‘will come if’ you have a good job, a nice house, a fast car and a loving partner. You are taught to dream big. Yet, nobody teaches you how mindfulness and meditation can help set you on a journey towards the happier, more compassionate and fulfilling lifestyle that you all desire.

Happiness shouldn’t ‘come if something happens’, happiness is available to us now, it is in the present moment.

You can choose to live the Mindful Lifestyle that many are already living…

At the Pursuit of Mindfulness, we are conscious that everyone seems to promote the benefits of Mindfulness, but not everyone gives you the tools you need to start integrating mindfulness into your everyday life…

Many people understand the concept of mindfulness, have tried a few apps, but they struggle with integrating mindfulness into their everyday life. 10 minutes meditating a day on an App is great! However, there are many more opportunities to be mindful throughout the day…

How often do you note how you feel after a meditation?
How often do you pause to consider what you are looking forward to each day?
How often do you plan in some time for exercise and mindful eating?
How often do you complete 3 acts of kindness?
How often do you review 3 things you are grateful for each day?
How often do you struggle to set aside time to mindful?

Many people find that the answer to some of the questions above is… ‘Not often enough’!

So, we decided to create the…Mindful You Planner…

A completely FREE planner that will set you up towards #21DaysOfMindfulness.

What does the Mindful You Planner contain?

What is Mindfulness and Meditation? Quick recap, and a fun visualisation for you to sample…

The benefits of Mindfulness Meditation – In case you needed that extra bit of motivation… did you know that meditation can facilitate well-being, improve your social relationships and increase your levels of happiness?! There’s even more amazing benefits in the planner!

How To Use The Planner – Now, we’re conscious that one of the barriers people have with using a planner is…. That they simply don’t know what to put!

Daily Planner – We’ve spent a HUGE amount of time researching what to include in the Mindful You Planner to make it the best it can be!
– You’ll have space to set your daily goals and how to achieve them
– Morning Section: Focus on your meditation, what you are looking forward to, your exercise plan and eating plan! All key components to set you up for a mindful day.
– Evening Review: Take a mindful breath before reviewing your day, 3 acts of kindness you may have completed and 3 things you are grateful for! The perfect way to settle down, relax, and end your day with a smile.

3 Weeks of Guided Meditations – Each week comes with a free written meditation guide. It is simple and easy to follow… and to make it even easier, simply repeat the meditation each day for a week! Here are the three core meditations…

Week 1 – A Simple Breathing Meditation
Week 2 – The Body Scan
Week 3 – Wonderful Shower Meditation

Why not give the Mindful You Planner a try? It is completely FREE!

All you have to do is enter your first name and email address into the sign-up form on the right-hand side of this page! That’s it! We’ll have your planner over to you in no time so you can get started on your #21DaysOfMindfulness.

Enjoy your #21DaysOfMindfulness and keep striving towards the Mindful Lifestyle that many are already living!